Peace campaigns

Unsung Peace Heroes, 2008

Putting the spotlight on peace makers

This online and sms competition called on the Kenyan public to vote for as yet unknown local peace heroes. Those who had helped others during the post-election violence or promoted peace in whatever small way.
The 10 winning heroes received prize money and their photo and story in the national newspaper. It really gave a positive vibe after all the horror people experienced and put the spotlight on those who put themselves at risk to help their fellow man or woman.


Building Bridges, 2010

Building Bridges logo
Building Bridges across communities

This is the follow up campaign to ‘Unsung Peace Heroes’ a similar concept only this time we are looking to award peace initiatives that build bridges across communities in an effort to create lasting social cohesion. This is due to launch in April 2010 It will make use of 10 different media platforms in order to really reach out to as wide an audience as possible, with the motto “Peace pays’ We will use, web, sms, mobile web, radio, TV, flyers, live meetings, facebook, U name it.


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