Interactive Learning

Participatory learning for teenagers

Participatory Learning for teenagers

These are all programs in which I led the co-design process with (inter) national parties, designed much of the contents, most of the total learning experience, trained master trainers, teachers and facilitators to work with it and programmed the systems.

The World starts with Me

A complete sexual and reproductive health course for teenagers, originally co-designed with and for Ugandan youth in 2003, it has since been adapted for Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya, Indonesia and Thailand.
Recently named as a best practice in sexual health education by UNESCO and forms the basis for the guidelines for the development of new curriculums on this topic world-wide.

Program: (Ugandan version only)

Learning about Living

Learning about Living

Virtual peer educators

This is a cross media program which supports the Nigerian national curriculum on HIV/Aids prevention and life skills. It runs in schools throughout Nigeria and has also been adapted for the Islamic North of Nigeria. It is fueled by animated peer educators and interactive activities for student and teacher, clearly documented and designed for ease of use. There is an accompanying DVD to guide teacher’s who not used to either computers or interactive teaching methodologies in the classroom.

To support the program and the difficult life questions that come up there is a free sms question and answer service and a telephone hotline service.
There are 15 main partners in this program.

Countries: Nigeria (South and North)
In the make: Senegal
Being discussed:  Morocco, Mexico, Burundi,

Program online:
YouTube Video

Words over Weapons


An experiential, digital learning program on conflict prevention for young people in South Africa.
Used in schools in co-operation with the department of education in Johannesburg, Soweto and Pretoria. Included an online exchange program with schools in the Netherlands in 2007,8 through the making of comic strips online.

Program online:
Comic Maker Video

Designing peace programs

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