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GetH2o (Get water) Game, a serious game ( in both board and mobile phone formats).
It contains a simulation of the complexities of life in an informal settlement, including the total shortage of all resources and all the accompanied social ills. To win the game you have to build 6 houses, for you and your extended family and keep enough water for all your houses. Through playing the game one learns that the only way for all to progress is though a combination of community good acts and individual gain.

It is both board game to be played by a group live and a mobile phone single player game. We are due to launch next week. Then you can download the game from our portal.
I’m really excited about it’s potential to make a broad range of topics up for discussion and insights ranging from human rights, corruption, social ills and the importance of communities.


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Geth2o Game
Serious mobile Game

2 thoughts on “Serious Games

  1. Have been playin’ this game for so long n still couldn’t be a winner!
    How to win if the community do not want to work & cooperate together ????

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