My Manifesto

I’m working on my manifesto, in order to hone in on what is most important in my world view,
this in order to fuel my next adventure and social entreprise, let me know what u think!
It’s work in progress.

Core Values

1. Everyone is born to live, to learn, to create, to connect and to give back.

2. Creativity is essential. Everyone is essentially creative

3. Take young people as seriously as you take adults.

4. (Young) People who have suffered through conflicts or poverty deserve the best and most innovative education to leapfrog their accumulated disadvantage.

5. Inequality is unacceptable

6. OverEstimate people.

7. You can’t solve a problem for others. You can increase their agency.

8. It’s Urgent

On Education

All of the above plus:

1. Why educate people

  1. To give them tools for their natural creativity
  2. To believe in themselves and their dreams
  3. To give back to the world
  4. To give them tools to learn what they need to know, understand or be able to do.
  5. To alert them to what they don’t know exists.
  6. To manage their emotional self.

So they can live in harmony with themselves, their community, the planet and creatively contribute in their unique way to a better world.

2. It’s now possible for people (almost) anywhere to connect to quality learning materials on (almost) any topic.

3. Doing ‘real’ things is the best way to learn

4. Mentor supported learning is powerful, if just one person shows genuine interest in you and encourages you when you’re young you can make it.

5. Lifelong learning, we never stop learning and should consider reinventing ourselves every 7 years.

6. Students need structure.
Interest-powered Learning …Research has repeatedly shown that when a subject is personally interesting and relevant, learners achieve much higher-order learning outcomes.

4. Cognitive and social intelligences such as adaptability, divergent thinking, and collaboration are as important as Math and reading,

5. Education is a global religion, with many different sub sects.

6. Any learning system should recognise the Inherent value of every person

7. Teach people to make things and they’ll never go hungry.


Nurture your talent – Create your Life –  Share your fortune

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