Fab People, Co-Creation Program

My Thanks to these 12 Fab people who gathered on the 12th of December, 2012 to Co-Create.

Kevin Power , Visual artist, theater maker. www.kevinpower.org

Marije ten Brink, Interaction designer, thinker, educator, @Brinka http://www.brinka.nl

Gerd Junne,  Network University and expert on international conflict resolution.

Eveline Jansveld, Psycho-social skills trainer, ex-Warchild program developer.

Mercedes de Miranda, Business development, Finance and Entrepreneurship, @THNK,

Sara Kolster, Digital octopus, visual & interaction design, concept, www.Sarako.net

Bjorn Uyens – Online business, innovation and marketing, Situation Factory

Marieke van Dijk – Innovation management, Design thinker. www.picnicnetwork.org/marieke-van-dijk

Merel van der Woude – Lead Education Designer, Butterfly Works, www.butterflyworks.org

Kim Nooij, Interaction designer, African coding expert. www.kimnooij.nl

Valentina Rao, Phd, Persuasive Game design.

Robert Wolfe, core faculty, THNK, www.thnk.org

Coen Bergman, Playground tactics.

Klaas Kuitenbouwer, Crossdisciplinarian, Virtual Platform, Rietveld. www.otocron.net


17.00 : 17.15 welcoming
17.15 : 17.30 Opening, Why we’re Here & The Question
17.30 : 18.00 Introductions & Ice Breakers with found objects
18.00 : 18.45  1st Round – Envisaging the Potential in Combinations.
18.45 : 19.15 Break
19.15 : 19.45 2nd Round – Draw the Journeys & Routes
19.45 : 20.15 Group Think
20.15 : 20.30 Break
20.30 : 21.15 Brand, Open Space?
21.15 : 22.00 Sharing and Next Steps

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