Motion Graphics for social messaging

Here is a collection of Motion Graphics otherwise known as Kinetic Typography which I selected, I quite love this new genre of communication. The combination of moving letters, spoke word, icons, sounds and then meaningful movements of the letters to bring the message across.
Which ones do you like? Have you noticed this upcoming genre too?

Human Rights

Television is  a Drug

Pyschotic answering machine / helpline?

Retro style – Health Messaging

Entrepreneurs will change the world

Kick off links in 2012

Platform for active global citizens

Launch of MyWorld on the 17th of January

Child labour or fun project?
Dutch furniture ethical designer

New co-working space in Nairobi,
the place is bubbling!

Coming up – Social Cities of tomorrow
17th of Febrary

Fenja’s foto from Pakistan,
for peace campaign research

An AR game for gender awareness?

At Butterfly Works, Merel and I are asking ourselves if it would be possible to create an augmented reality game which creates awareness of the differences in how men and women experience public space, to give each gender insight into the experience of the other gender. All over the world be it Amsterdam or Bombay, Lagos or Dhaka, women have less freedom in how they use public space, can we challenge this in a playful way?

Here are some links we are checking out for inspiration

All going well we’d like to host a co-creation workshop on this with a number of designers, AR folk, urban space activists etc to see if we can conceive an experience to raise awareness.

Een slide show from Kars (friend of joris) about the future of games in the city

Game layer video door Seth Priebatsh:

Scavenger van Seth:

interesting group, have a workshop coming up 10 July about mobile storytelling:



I actually spend quite a lot of my time composing texts. For the most part these texts are part of product creation at Butterfly Works. Here are some interviews with me and articles where i reflect on our work practice.

Interview at the European Lab for Culture
title: Inspiration by example

Interview with Sophie Koers for the book ‘Practical Idealists’
title: Serious Toys (Dutch)

WE Magazine – collective action
Title:  To engage means to Create

Review: Using 10 Tactics in Cambodia

Slide Share presentation from Better World by Design
Titel; Designing Solution Networks

Article: Butterfly Works in 2020 (Dutch)